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“Move to arrive at a better place in health and fitness.”

Dave Dollé
Fit lifestyle coach


I’m a Swiss/American ex-professional athlete born in Pasadena, California in 1969 and reside in Zurich, Switzerland.


Movement has always been an intricate part of my life. What fascinates me most, is how our bodies are capable of moving naturally in so many rhythmic and controlled ways. Movement is essential for physical, mental and emotional balance which leads to better health. It inspires me to experience this first hand every day – not only through my own lifestyle but also through working with my clients.  


My sports career started at the age of 5. I began with team sports, then I took up gymnastics and athletics. As a professional track and field athlete, I’ve proudly represented Switzerland, traveled the world and participated at some of the most prestigious sports events between 1992-2002. My disciplines were 100 and 200 meters sprint. I held the Swiss national record with 10.16s in 100 meters sprint between 1995-2013.


Since 2001, I’ve turned my passion into my profession. As a personal trainer and fit lifestyle coach I combine my years of expertise and broad, interdisciplinary knowledge to provide my clients simple and effective ways to achieve their goals, to improve their fitness and wellbeing. I also offer motivational speeches and provide advice for various companies on how to keep their workforce mentally and physically fit. I specialize in holistic fitness training, nutrition, hormone analysis and body composition.

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